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SISTEMA, a place where experience, practice and research draw together, is the ultimate partner for Local Government, Small and Corporate Businesses, that aim to develop Strategies, Projects and Innovative Business and Management Models.

Consulting and Project Management, Environmental and Urban Planning and Design, Technical and Environmental Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence, Safety Management and Fire Prevention Design.

We act within multidiscipinar teams for Legal, Financial and Management Consulting.

Any business run into puzzling paths where the unexpected must be faced and resolved in small time. We carry this burden: from consulting through design, execution and global management, with a systemic vision of what to do and what to expect.

Our approach takes count of any part and the relationships between and among. In this way we optimize time and resources, minimizing the unforseen, turning  obstacles into opportunities. 

It's a thinking and a working method. The effectivenes of SISTEMA.



We design with an interdisciplinary approach that takes in account requirements, relations, connections, goals. We manage the fulfillment of projects and process functions with the same approach: all is in controll.

Strategic, Environmental, Landscape and Urban Planning and Design

Plans and Feasibility Studies

(Technical, Economical, Financial, Environmental)

Technical Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Assessments and Impact Studies (EIA, ESA, EEA)

Integrated Management Systems (Quality, Energy, Safety, Envirnoment)

Energy Check-Up and Energy Performance Certification 

IR Thermography

Communication and Participation Processes

Training and Coaching with Gaming-Simulation

Legal, Financial and Management Consulting within Interdisciplinary Teams

Project Management

Technic and Evaluation Support on Legal Disputes

Property Valuation according to European Standards (EVS-ECB) and National guidelines (ABI)

Design, Construction Managemet and Property Registration

Safety Planning and Management for Building Sites

Fire Prevention Design Support and Consulting

Consulting and Support for Health and Safety in Working Places

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